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About Guitar Rabbit

Writings on the thought process that went into making Guitar Rabbit and tips on how you can get the most out of it.

Guitar Science in App Form

As an experiment in using an iPad app as a smarter way to learn guitar, I programmed 30 exercises I wanted to practice as interactive challenges with tab...

25 years into guitar I decided that there were some things about my playing that I needed to clean up. Time to learn a bit more theory and get a little more systematic about practice. I had a lot of useful learning material accumulated over the years but hadn't ever really tried to approach it in a disciplined, measured way. For example, what's an efficient way to learn guitar scales? Surely there must be an app for that? Well no, there wasn't. But there are a lot that do it wrong. So I made one that does it right. Here's why:

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iPad + Guitar = Music Making

iPad turns out to be a cool platform for making music with your guitar courtesy of new guitar interfaces such as iRig and iTrack, here's what I've tried...

Making music with guitars and an iPad has come a long way since the introduction of the original iRig in 2010. There's now a plethora of ways to get guitar signals in and out of your iPad with much better quality than before. I'm going to detail some ways I've done it here.

But firstly why would you ever want to do that? Well iPad is potentially a great bit of hardware for audio for a bunch of reasons:

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