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Video: Whammy Bar Tricks with the Graphing Tuner in Guitar Rabbit

A quick tutorial on how to use the graphing tuner in Guitar Rabbit to improve your whammy bar skills and make In the Hall of the Mountain King meets metal!

Here’s some more whammy inspiration for you:

Steve Vai’s Fun With Your Whammy Bar (1984!)
A longer list of tricks with audio examples

And if it gives you trouble with keeping in tune, try the apparently controversial Carl Verheyen: Whammy Bar Setup Secrets
Which is debated a little more here
Yes lubricate the nut and saddles, wrap the strings correctly and if all else fails, angle the claw! I tried all these things and it got me from about +/- 20 cents out post whammy dive down to +/- 5.

Failing that, just Whammy Pedal it instead. This may or may not suit your genre, however as it is inevitably more electronic sounding.

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